Sunday, November 1, 2009

Church Carnival

We had lots of costume opportunities this year and this was the first. Fall Festival as we call it and Cason got dressed up and ready to go. We inherited this costume from my cousin and as I found out when I poured him into it in the car in the carnival parking lot, it's a little small. The snaps were too tight and his feet were touching the end. Needless to say, he didn't stay in it for long... long enough to get some photos!

Mike and some of his Merge students.Julie and Lincoln- he's a baby monkey

This is how Cason sits in his stroller. Partly because we are missing the piece that straps him down and partly because he loves to sit up. I'm sure the fine print says he must be strapped in at all times but that would take all the fun out!

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Karen said...

Just saw this...Ben was too big for the costume too when we tried to stuff him in it. It's super cute but yep, didn't work for us either! We've actually not had good luck with costumes. We've had to buy 2 costumes every year!

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