Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Visitor

This morning I was outside with Lil C and the littlest dog started playing with something in the grass. He wouldn't stop so I went over to see what it was. Whatever it was it was moving around too quickly for me to see at first. Hmmmm, that's either a big worm or a snake. A snake? That's weird. So, I did what any other woman would have done who has an un-natural fear of bugs. I sat C on the patio and went inside to see what I could use to scoop up the snake. A trash bag? No. Salad tongs? No. BBQ tool? No. A stick, that's it, that's the smart thing. So I went outside and found a stick that was a bit shorter than I had originally hoped but it would do. I draped the snake over the stick and placed it on my outdoor table. I scooped up Cason and we ran inside for the camera and cell phone. Snake was still in the same place, no doubt stunned from his run in with the dog. I started snapping photos with the camera, then with the cell phone so I could post to facebook (of course). Then I poked him a couple of times to see if he was alive and he poked his tongue out at me. Then I called Mike and asked him what to do now. Killing him sounded a little messy and I really didn't want to move him again in case he got angry and attacked me so i just left him and he slithered off the table and on his way.

See how HUGE he is?

Here he is in proportion to my table decorations.

Bye Bye Snake.

1 comment:

amberdawn said...

You are one freaky momma!

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